Steven Avalos

Nickname: Steve, Sven, Stevie, Stevie Wonder, Esteban
Hometown: Queens, NY. Born & Raised.
How many bikes do you own? 3; my 1986 vintage Peugeot Iseran steel road bike, a 2015 Fuji Track for everyday use, and a 2013 Fuji Track Pro 1.1 for races.
Most Memorable Experience: Ward’s Island Crit
Biggest Accomplishment: Finishing DFL (possibly) at Monster Track 2016
Hobbies: Film, Photography, Travel, Music
Favorite Route/Ride: Early morning rides from Queens to Red Hook for joy rides, Randall's Island for training, and laps around Prospect Park for something in-between.
Favorite Food: After a long ride, I love tacos, pizza, or a burger with a beer.
How often do you ride: At least 3 times a week or as much as possible.
Goals for 2017: Upgrade to Cat 3 (Track) and compete in more crits.


Blaise Foley

Nick name: people have started calling me Blaisito lately…
Hometown: Marblehead, Massachusetts
How many bikes do you own? I own three bikes and they’re all too big for me
What is your favorite place to ride? Queens. Whenever I get over the 59th Street Bridge I always think to myself, “I’m not home yet but at least if I die now I’ll die in Queens, not Manhattan.”
What is your favorite food? I try not to eat.
How often do you ride? Because of work, I can’t ride as much as I would like. I’m lucky to get 50 miles in per week.


Michal Frankowski

Nick Name: Mike
Hometown: Born in Bialystok Poland and raised in Ridgewood Queens.
How many bikes do you own? 3:  Mercier Kilo TT, Cannondale CAAD 10, 2016 Cinelli Histogram
Favorite place to ride:  Prospect Park, Central Park, 9W, West Side Highway
Favorite Food: It depends on my mood.  Love Fish, Chicken, Steak, Pasta.
How often do you ride: I Try to ride 5 times a week.


Edouard Hall

Nick Name: Wndr
Hometown: Born in Harlem and raised in Long Island.
How many bikes do you own? 13
Favorite place to ride:  Any place where this is not a CitiBike.
Favorite Food: Haitian food!
How often do you ride: I ride everyday.